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Death By Chocolate


Taken from the Kitchener-Waterloo Hospital Centennial Celebration Cookbook.
This recipe has been very well received at several neighbourhood get-togethers.



Bake cake according to package directions.  Cool.  Pierce cake with fork and drizzle Kaluha over cake.  Chill overnight. 

In large bowl, break up cake into 1" pieces with fork.  Put half of cake in bottom of glass bowl.  Put half of mousse over it.  Break up candy bars into very small pieces and put on top of mousse.  Next, put in Cool Whip topping.

Repeat layers again leaving a little bit of the candy for the top.

This recipe can be halved.  Looks very attractive served in a trifle dish.

Can be made in advance.

Submitted By: Paul & Liz Savel
Oakburn Street
Pickering, Ontario
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