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Slovak Cabbage Rolls (Holubky)


* if doubling recipe, use 2 medium or 3 small green cabbage - do not use large cabbages

** 1/2 can of each could be used for more flavour


Cut into core of cabbage to allow easier removal of leaves.  Do not discard the outer leaves of the cabbage.  These leaves will be used to line the pan to protect the cabbage rolls during cooking.

Put the whole cabbage into water and bring to a boil.  As the outer leaves begin to soften, pull them away from the body of the cabbage.  Once they are soft enough to fold without breaking, remove from the water and put aside.  Continue until remaining leaves are too small for rolling.  Repeat for other cabbages.

To make the cabbage leaves easier to roll, shave the thick vein that is near the base of the leaf.  This is not necessary for the leaves that have been put aside for lining the roast pan.

Put required rice into measuring cup, and top with boiling water.  Place a plate over measuring cup to reduce heat loss.  Allow to stand while preparing meat.

Put tablespoon of oil into saucepan.  Add onion to saucepan and sauté until transparent.

In a large bowl, combine meat and onions.  Salt (use both regular salt and seasoning salt) and pepper to taste.  Add some paprika for colour.

Drain off most (but not all) of the unabsorbed water from the rice.  Add the rice to the bowl with the meat and mix together.

Cover bottom of roast pan with 1/2 of the large cabbage leaves.  It may also be necessary to put some leaves around the edge of pan if several rows of cabbage rolls are made.

Place a cabbage leaf in your hand, with base of leaf in palm.  Put one heaping tablespoon of meat mixture into the crease of the leaf and begin rolling from palm towards fingertips.  When cabbage just covers the meat, fold in both sides, then roll up the rest of the way.  Place flap side down in roast pan.

Continue to place rolls side by side in bottom of pan until all of the meat mixture is used.  If necessary, start additional rows above the first.  Do not allow the cabbage rolls to come into direct contact with the side of the roaster.  Use scrap cabbage leaves to line the side of the pan if required.

Dab a few pieces of shortening over the last row.  Pour on juice, ensuring the cabbage rolls are mostly covered.  Sprinkle on 5 to 6 heaping teaspoons of brown sugar on top.  Finally cover over with the remaining large cabbage leaves.

Cook with roasting pan lid on for 2 hours at 325°F.

Submitted By: Paul & Liz Savel
Oakburn Street
Pickering, Ontario
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