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Lyndon Valley Model RailRoad

Don's G scale layout, "The Lyndon Valley Railroad" is our only garden model railway.  Constructed in the great outdoors, this railroad travels thoughout the backyard past gardens, a deck, the swimming pool and along a bridge over a pond filled with fish.  The model represents railroading in the mid 1940's.

Along the rear of the backyard, there are two concentric loops of track, with the inner loop passing through a tunnel in a mountain that is covered with various plants.  Along the common side of the loops a small train station with scratch built platform can be seen.

The ground between the loops is covered with several different colours of crushed stone.  There is a four track siding off to the edge of the two loops and several other buildings.  All of the buildings can be lit up at night.

The track then snakes its way past the in ground swimming pool, and up trestles to the deck on the other end of the backyard.  As it crosses in front of the deck, it comes to a 8' bridge that spans across the pond.  The track continues behind the pond over more trestles, loops around though some evergreens and then back down the other side of the pool towards the rear of the yard.

The engine is controlled with a single cab using a wireless controller.

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