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Port Kelsey Rwy - Tim & Vita Warris

The Port Kelsey Railway has been evolving over the last ten years, and after several moves, it has finally found a permanent home.  The orignal 2'x10' module was completed in 1995 and featured in the August 1997 Model Railroader and May 1997 Canadian Railway Modeller magazines.

The new layout features a double deck design built for operation.  Benchwork is completed and most of teh trackwork is in place and running.

Trackwork is all handlaid code 70 with lots of complex trackwork in the yards.  Control is Digitrax DCC and Soundtrax sound.  Set in 1936, stream engines rule the railway.  They consist of DCC equipped brass imports and some newer RTR engines.  All finished areas are super detailed and weathered to represent a typical working railroad in the depression era.

Visit the Website at: http://www.handlaidtrack.com/port-kelsey.html

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